Building Your Brand: How to Use Curbio to Stand Out and Win Listings 

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The competition among real estate agents in the US is fierce. From seasoned agents holding reign over certain neighborhoods, to social media savvy agents capturing the attention of potential clients online, to leveraging concierge services that are offered by some brokerages, agents are looking for ways to stand out and win more listings in a crowded market with limited inventory.

Curbio could be just the solution to position yourself as a value-added Realtor®!

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How and when to insert Curbio into the conversation with your clients 
  • How you can use Curbio as a tool to win listings 
  • Where to access the free Curbio marketing resources available to you
  • How to get started with offering Curbio's pay-at-closing home improvement solution to your clients

Plus we'll share a step-by-step tutorial for customizing and sharing the marketing resources with your network.



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